Beautiful Science: Modern Ingredients For Modern Concerns

At Environ we believe in beautiful science. The magnificent marriage of efficacious skin care ingredients that actually make a difference in the appearance and address the specific needs of the skin.

As an industry we are ever evolving and becoming more aware of the affects of the environment on our skin. In the 1980s, Dr. Des Fernandes, a prominent South African plastic surgeon, started taking more interest in skin health particularly because it became apparent that malignant melanoma was becoming more prevalent than it had been in the 1960s.

Modern era trauma to the skin has not decreased and seems relentless in waging a war of aging on our skin. Various air pollutants such as ultraviolet radiation still exist, but now we face even more attacks from modern aggressors such as volatile organic compounds, oxides, particulate matter, ozone and cigarette smoke.

These compounds affect the outer most barrier of our skin and cause oxidative stress. And although the skin is meant to be a biological shield, acute and chronic exposure to high levels of these pollutants have extremely negative effects on the skin.

It is no secret how much any of the above pollutants damage the skin, and how each of them contributes to premature aging. If you haven’t seen it, a simple Google search of “twin skin studies” will bring up multitudes of pictures comparing twins, where one has protected their skin from exposure, versus the other who had not.

Fortunately, due to this beautiful science, we are able to develop powerful and intelligent ingredient combinations that target the effects of specific skin concerns which includes the damaging affects of pollution.

If you’re suffering from a skin that feels fragile and looks sensitive due to the harmful effects of free radical damage, exposure to pollution,