Roll Away The Summer Sun Damage

With summer winding down, and kids heading back to school, I find my focus shifting back to routine. I had taken the advice I had read in a blog, where the author had said the best gift she can give her kids over summer is the gift of no routine, relaxing the rules, and living with a little more flexibility. And I found myself doing this, not only for my family but for myself too. No gym (it was great to have the extra hour in my day), no food exclusions (always fun to indulge in the sweetness of life) and fewer minutes spent on my skin (should probably not have done this one, ESPECIALLY over the summer where damage is more prevalent). I’ve been a naughty girl but it's been glorious! So, with the return of routine, my skin’s health comes back to mind. What is the best route for me to take to get my skin back to its pre-summer glow? My first commitment will be to start rolling again, religiously. This is a sure fire way to get Medspa—like results at home. And will complement any professional treatments I (hopefully) get to do. Micro-needling is not a new concept. Dr. Des Fernandes, the founder of Environ Skin Care and pro-generator of this technology, had been preaching its science for more than 20 years. When coupled with the right skin care, the results that can be achieved are staggering, measurable, and sustainable.

Since I have been less than my usual diligent self, and slacked on my night time regimen, I will have to, like somebody who is newly introducing rolling to their regimen, start rolling 2-3 times per week, with the ultimate goal of rolling every night (pre-summer routine). I will do this to slowly acclimate my skin to the increased effectiveness of my nighttime products, and negate any possibility of a retinoid reaction in this manner. So beware my little gold roller with 260, 0.2 mm stainless steel needles, you've got your work cut out for you! Tonight's agenda is planned; cleanse, tone, roll, then follow with my professionally recommended products. And over time, my skin will be back to its tip-top, luminous, and healthy-looking state.